What makes Gallus Coffees special?

Our coffees are great. We spend a lot of time and effort developing a delicious roast profile that's perfect for each individual coffee that we roast. Our blends are designed to hit a specific flavor profile and extensively tested and revised until we feel like they're just right. But that hardly makes us special.


In truth, there are lots of roasters, all around the world, who are as obsessive as we are about their roasts and blends, and who are sourcing beans that are just as high quality. There are some really big roasters out there who have dedicated purchasers traveling the world and finding special microlots that have distinct characteristics that translate into a really interesting, if expensive cup of coffee. And good for them!

At the end of the day, we hope that you'll view us as a trusted roaster of high quality, accessible coffees, and that our relationship with customers like you makes us special. We're not trying to be the Ferrari of coffees, we're trying to be the Hyundai of coffees. Reliable, affordable, approachable, unpretentious and remarkably nice.