At Gallus Coffees, our foundational belief is that coffee is about joy. The experience of drinking coffee is a joyful experience even beyond the basic "caffeine makes me happy" sort of joy. Coffee is a luxury item, nonessential for existence, so it's free of the "basic function" mundane-ness that comes with baseline needs like filling our bellies, warming our bodies, or breathing. Drinking specialty coffee is a choice, and therefore we are entirely free to do so or not -- and if we choose to do so, to give the process as much priority as is warranted by the joy we find in it.

Drinking coffee brings us tremendous joy. The process of preparing the coffee to drink also gives us tremendous joy -- weighing the beans, the sound of the grinder, watching the beans bouncing and spinning as they drop into the burrs, and then shooting out as grounds. We LOVE the smell of the grounds so much that we wait until we get a few good snootfuls of aroma before moving on to incorporating water into the mix.

Coffee is a mediator of the joy we experience sitting with each other every morning, feeling the heat from our coffee cups, smelling the earthy fruity, chocolaty depth of the coffee, and tasting the complexity brought out by the roast.


It's all joy, all the way down. And that's how we view Gallus Coffees --as a promoter and purveyor of joy.